Mobile megawatts: gas turbine power on site

Power & CHP

CLEANCOR’s heritage in natural gas makes power generation a natural fit.

Gas turbine driven power generation offers solutions for off grid applications, particularly suitable for oil field sites, for industrial combined heat and power and hybrid renewable prime power solutions.

Mobile power generation

Using gas turbine engines, we are able to supply mobile power generation from 5.7 to 32 megawatts.

Oilfield micro-grids

The natural gas powered turbine is able to bring large amounts of power online quickly to supply a micro grid for your site.

Industrial CHP

Achieving significant cost and operational benefits from dedicated, natural gas-fueled combined heat and power co-generation facilities.

Hybrid renewable prime power

Integrating solar PV generation and energy storage systems with reliable natural gas-fueled power generation to optimize the balance of thermal and renewable energy capacity.

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