Lower cost compressed natural gas


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a cost effective alternative to diesel and gasoline especially over shorter transport distances.

We design, build, operate and maintain CNG fuel stations and also operate trailer-mounted mobile compressors to provide CNG in the field. Our equipment gives you the security of supply wherever you need it.

CLEANCOR is a distributor for Bauer compressors.

Tube Trailers

We have a fleet of tube trailers available at short notice to keep pipes flowing, provide emergency backup, or fuel ongoing planned projects.


Our CNG compressors can accommodate low capacity fleet applications right up to larger duty applications with minimal maintenance requirements.

Fuel Stations

CLEANCOR can help plan and commission a fueling station, providing installation, engineering, and permitting in a turn-key solution for private fleet, government or for public use.

Mobile Fueling

CNG is an easily portable solution for applications where permanent fueling is inappropriate. With the ideal size compressor, fuel storage and all necessary ancillaries, we can trailer a mobile fueling station to your site.

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