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Virtual Pipeline Supply

"We are where we are." For agriculture, mining and many other enterprises location is not a matter of choice, but no business should feel its geography puts them at a disadvantage.

When the economic case for extending pipeline natural gas supply isn't feasible or where demand exceeds local pipeline capacity, CLEANCOR provides an economic alternative.

Solutions Off the Grid

Our LNG and CNG turnkey solutions include project design, installation, fuel supply operations and 24-hour technical support.

With a large fleet of LNG and CNG transportation, storage and gas conditioning equipment, we’re able to move quickly to deploy fuel to your site, saving you money with minimal capital outlay.

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Supplemental & Interim Natural Gas Supply

Find out how CLEANCOR provided a temporary LNG regasification solution – including fuel supply, transportation, engineering and permitting – to support a new facility for an asphalt manufacturer and prevent major project delays and millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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Supplemental and Interim Natural Gas Supply 960x447

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