Cost effective, clean power

Power/CHP Supply & Services

LNG private power or co-generation facilities with integrated renewable solar PV generation and battery energy storage can be a more economic and cleaner alternative.

Security of power supply is of course the priority, but independence and reliability shouldn’t have to come at a cost.

CLEANCOR’s engineered hybrid power solutions can lower energy costs providing a secure supply of electricity for energy hungry industrial applications.

From Planning & Design to Implementation

We are experienced in the design, construction and ongoing operation of effective and reliable independent power generation. Our approach provides financial savings, environmental benefits and grid independence for commercial, industrial and agricultural enterprises, and other public and private critical facilities and infrastructure.

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Temporary Mobile Solutions

We can provide trailer-mounted mobile power from under 1MW to over 30MW of capacity and the natural gas fueling equipment for where the pipeline isn’t available. For larger shoreside power requirements, power barges are often a pragmatic solution requiring little land-based construction and permitting.

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Permanent Installations

Resorts, hospitals, manufacturers and other industrial operations can achieve significant cost and operational benefits from dedicated, natural gas-fueled combined heat and power co-generation facilities. We specialize in integrating solar PV generation and energy storage systems to optimize the balance of thermal and renewable energy generation.

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