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Pipeline Resiliency Solutions

For some customers, interrupting supply is not an option. The imperative for utilities to maintain energy supply during planned maintenance or emergency interruptions or curtailments means a reliable alternative must be available.

With a 24-hour technical team available, we provide complete support to utilities and end users, finding ways to resolve the most complex planned or unexpected and emergency situations.

Flexibility & Mobility

Our experience includes pipeline curtailment projects, emergency shut downs, reduced supply volume and temporary outage situations as well as support for hydrostatic testing and planned maintenance programs.

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Service Uninterrupted

For planned or unplanned pipeline maintenance CLEANCOR provides a nationwide uninterruptible supply of LNG and CNG, fuel transportation, storage and vaporization equipment on site for low or high volume situations.

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Mobile Equipment

Our mobile equipment includes portable 5,500 to 16,000 gallon LNG storage tanks and a range of ambient and glycol vaporizers, all of which can be tethered for higher capacity projects. Using typical LNG transfer trailers for refueling, we have the flexibility to have storage redundancy during a project that has an unknown end date.

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Natural Gas Services

CLEANCOR contracted with a major utility in the U.S. Northeast to provide an uninterrupted supply of natural gas via its mobile LNG regasification solution for the duration of a scheduled maintenance project.

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