Supplemental & Interim Natural Gas Supply

An asphalt manufacturer contracted with a local utility in the U.S. Northwest to extend a natural gas pipeline to feed a new facility. However, once underway the utility’s project faced major delays threatening not only the opening and commissioning of the new facility, but millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Supplemental and Interim Natural Gas Supply 960x447

Region: Northwest

Peak Demand:

- 135 MMBTU/Hr.

- 45 PSI at the Inlet


- Six months

Temporary Equipment Setup:

- LNG Storage: 24,000 LNG gallons

- Mobile vaporization

- Flame and Gas Detection System

- Telemetry – Tank Level Monitoring System

In response, the customer contracted CLEANCOR to provide a temporary LNG regasification solution, including fuel supply, transportation, engineering and permitting, to support the new facility. CLEANCOR deployed its mobile equipment package consisting of two (2) LNG tanks with a total capacity of 24,000 gallons, as well as a vaporization system on wheels, large enough to allow the customer to operate at peak demand 24 hours per day. This facility operated for six (6) months with the CLEANCOR mobile LNG regasification solution until the pipeline was commissioned. The LNG equipment package used at this location is owned and operated by CLEANCOR and maintained by a local CLEANCOR technical team.