Regional Natural Gas Supply or Utility Curtailment

A primary natural gas line feeding from the United States into Mexico was scheduled for expansion and maintenance. Since the main line was going down on the US side CLEANCOR was contracted to continue natural gas services directly with the Mexico Utility via our Mobile LNG Regasification Solution.

Regional Natural Gas Supply or Utility Curtailment 960x447

Region: Mexico – International

Volume Demand:

- 1.28 MMCF/Day

- Total Demand: 10.24 MMCF

- 90 PSI at the Inlet


- Eight (8) Days

Equipment Setup:

LNG Storage:

- Four (4) high pressure storage units

- Total of 42,000 LNG Gallons on-site

Vaporization/Regasification System:

- Two (2) Large Vaporizers (full redundancy)

Safety Systems:

- General Monitor Flame Detection System

- General Monitor Gas Detection System

- Telemetry – Tank Level Monitoring System

Technical Services:

- CLEANCOR Technical staff on-site 24 hours per day

CLEANCOR worked with both the US Utility operator and the Mexico Utility operator to continue services during this curtailment that would affect tens of thousands of homes, businesses, and hospitals on the Mexico side of the Border. CLEANCOR had seven (7) days respond to this project and worked closely with US & Mexico Customs Departments as the LNG Storage & Vaporization Equipment along with almost daily refueling operations were required to meet the demand in the area being impacted.

CLEANCOR deployed a full redundant Mobile LNG Equipment Package which included four (4) high pressure LNG Storage Units with a total capacity of forty-two thousand (42,000) LNG Gallons and two (2) Large Vaporization systems. The CLEANCOR Fully Redundant LNG Equipment Solution was instrumental in providing an uninterruptible supply of Natural Gas for the duration of this project.