Primary Natural Gas Supply – Industrial Processing

This Industrial Processing customer was developing a new location and realized the new facility had no access to a natural gas pipeline. The customer evaluated the use of propane, diesel, and LNG as a primary fuel source for this location. During the customer evaluation period historical pricing was considered for all fuel sources being evaluated. After a quick evaluation period this customer concluded that LNG would be the most cost-effective source of fuel due to the abundance of natural gas as well as the security in supply of LNG. Since this location operates year around, the customer quickly realized that LNG was the most consistent pricing throughout the year making the decision to go with LNG financially responsible as well as providing them with a competitive advantage against their competition in the area.

Primary Natural Gas Supply Industrial Processing 960x447

Region: Southwest

Peak Demand:

- 100 MMBTU/Hr.

- 45 PSI at the inlet


May 2017 to Present

Permanent Equipment Setup:

- LNG Storage: 28,000 LNG Gallons

- Vaporization

- Flame & Gas Detection System

- Telemetry – Tank Level Monitoring System

CLEANCOR’s turnkey solution includes procurement and transportation of LNG, engineering and permitting, as well as training employees and the local fire department in First Response during a LNG incident or incident at the plant. Installed in the second quarter of 2017, the permanent equipment solution has two vertical tanks with a total capacity of 28,000 gallons of LNG, as well as a vaporization system large enough to allow the customer to operate at peak demand of 100 MMBTU, 24 hours per day. The LNG equipment installed at this location is owned and operated by CLEANCOR and maintained by the local CLEANCOR technical team.