Natural Gas Service for Oilfield End User – Utility Pipeline Interruption

CLEANCOR contracted with a major Utility in California to provide their end user with an uninterrupted supply of natural gas via its mobile LNG regasification solution for the duration of the scheduled pipeline interruption.

Natural Gas Service Oil Field End User Utility Pipeline2 800x373

Region: California

Volume Demand:

- 40 MCF/Hour

- Total Demand: 4,800 MMCF

- 60 PSI at the Inlet


- Five (5) Days

Equipment Setup:

LNG Storage:

- Two high pressure storage units

- Total of 22,000 LNG gallons of storage

Vaporization/Regasification System:

- One (1) Large Ambient Vaporizer

Safety Systems:

- General Monitor Flame Detection System

- General Monitor Gas Detection System

- Telemetry – Tank Level Monitoring System

Technical Services:

- CLEANCOR Technical staff on-site 24 hours per day

This project was planned thirty (30) days in advance and scheduled to last a total of five (5) days and required LNG supply of a minimum of 40 thousand cubic feet per hour (MCFH), 24 hours a day. CLEANCOR deployed two (2) high-pressure storage units with a total capacity of 22,000 LNG gallons with additional mobile transfer trailers on standby to meet the daily volume demand. CLEANCOR successfully provided a consistent flow rate at the requested pressure of 60 pounds per square inch (PSI) at the inlet for the duration of the project. CLEANCOR’s technical staff members were on site 24 hours a day monitoring flow rates and receiving refueling deliveries until service to the area was restored.

The LNG equipment package used at this location is owned and operated by CLEANCOR and maintained by a local CLEANCOR technical team member. All permitting and first responder training was completed by a CLEANCOR technical team member.

Picture of a CLEANCOR Technical Staff Member taking a reading of the odorizaton also provided at this location. Odorization readings were taken once an hour to verify the correct amount of odorant was being injected.