Mobile LNG Fueling Solutions

A large for hire trucking company based in the U.S. Southeast had been running over 100 LNG fueled class-8 trucks from their primary cargo loading facility and fueling from a significantly out of route diversion public access LNG fueling station. The customer realized the operation was very inefficient and was causing their LNG trucks to sit in traffic for up to two (2) hours per truck per day in order to get fuel before continuing their daily route.

Mobile LNG Fueling Solutions 960x447

Region: Southeast

Peak Demand:
- 200,000 LNG Gallons per month


- Ongoing

Temporary LNG Station - Equipment Setup:

- One (1) 11,000 LNG Gallon Mobile LNG Fueling Station
- One (1) 6,000 LNG Gallon Mobile LNG Fueling Station

Flame and Gas Detection System:
- Telemetry – Tank Level Monitoring System

Safety Systems:
- General Monitor Flame Detection System
- General Monitor Gas Detection System

- Tank Level Monitoring System

In response, the customer contracted with CLEANCOR to provide a temporary behind-the-fence LNG fueling station solution at their primary cargo loading facility. CLEANCOR deployed two (2) mobile LNG fueling stations with a total capacity of 17,000 LNG gallons complete with two (2) independent LNG dispensing hoses. The customer quickly started to see significant savings in both fuel costs as well as total driver efficiency. The LNG equipment package used at this location is owned and operated by CLEANCOR and maintained by a local CLEANCOR technical team member. All permitting and first responder training was completed by a CLEANCOR technical team member.