LNG Supply for Power Generation – Remote Oilfield Location, Permian Basin

CLEANCOR contracted with a major U.S. oil production company in West Texas to provide an uninterrupted supply of natural gas via our mobile liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply solution, to be used for power generation at a remote well site. The project was an emergency response that was required until the customer’s own electrical power micro-grid could be installed on location to power their down hole electrical oil production pumps (ESPs). Continuous supply of the natural gas used for the power supply to the ESPs was of paramount importance to our customer and our service quality, technicians, clean fuel and the quality equipment we supplied were up for the task.

LNG Supply for Power Generation Case Study

Region: Permian Basin, TX

Volume Demand:

- Maximum: 20.75 MCFH

- Average: 37.5 MCFH

- Daily Peak Demand: 900 MCFD

- 70 PSI at the inlet


- 90 Days

Equipment Setup:

LNG Storage:

- Three high pressure LNG storage units

- Total of 33,000 LNG gallons on location

Vaporization/Regasification System:

- One large ambient vaporizer

Compression Boosting System:
- Not required

Safety Systems:

- General Monitor Flame Detection System
- General Monitor Gas Detection System
- Emergency Shutdown Devices (ESD’s)


- Tank Level and Flow / Pressure / Temperature Monitoring System

Technical Services:

- CLEANCOR technical staff on standby

This project was a quick response for a customer who required natural gas to operate an electrical power generation system at a remote location in West Texas. The customer had several high horsepower down hole oil production pumps (ESPs) on the location which require electric power to operate and their permanent electric supply was not available due to delays in the build out of their own “microgrid” electrical infrastructure.

CLEANCOR quickly mobilized and were on location within seven (7) days of initial notification with our mobile LNG equipment solution installed and operating. The CLEANCOR LNG solution provided an uninterrupted supply of clean natural gas fuel for the 1.4 MW 3516-C Natural Gas Genset package.

The CLEANCOR LNG Equipment Package that was deployed included three (3) high-pressure LNG storage units with a total capacity of 33,000 LNG gallons, with one (1) additional LNG transfer trailer used as refueling unit to meet the daily volume demand as well as an oversized triple redundant vaporization/regasification system capable of operating continuously at high levels of gas flow and at low ambient temperatures.

CLEANCOR was able to maintain continued supply during some of the worst weather seen in the area for years, both severe snow and rain that disrupted most other supply chains and road traffic. The CLEANCOR LNG storage solution proved to be vital to the operation with triple redundancy on location ensuring that we could continue uninterruptable flow for over five days without resupply and thereby avoiding any weather and logistics related downtime.

CLEANCOR successfully provided a consistent flow rate at the requested pressure of 70 pounds per square inch (PSI) at the inlet for the duration of the project. CLEANCOR’s technical staff members were on-site daily and available 24 hours a day to both monitor flow rates, pressures and receiving refueling deliveries until in-house electrical supply was established, which took over three (3) months to complete.

The CLEANCOR telemetry/tank level monitoring package allowed us to monitor the safety systems of the equipment package as well as continuous monitoring of the pressure, flow rates and temperature, ambient and gas injection in real time which allow us to anticipate any issues that could be handled before they turned into costly downtime.

Due to the success of this project and the quick response to execute a triple redundant equipment package with little notification, CLEANCOR has become the vendor of choice for this customer and will continue to support them at several locations across several States.

The LNG equipment package used at this location is owned and operated by CLEANCOR and maintained by a local CLEANCOR technical team member. All permitting and first responder training was completed by a CLEANCOR technical team member.

For more information on how CLEANCOR can provide you with a custom solution please contact Mark Bedford at mbedford@cleancorenergy.com or Scott Johns at sjohns@cleancorenergy.com