Emergency Natural Gas Supply

CLEANCOR was contracted to provide an emergency natural gas supply to an industrial cement manufacturing plant in the Northwest Region who was undergoing emergency work on their existing natural gas pipeline that would affect the production of the facility. CLEANCOR executed our Emergency Response Procedures and delivered our Mobile LNG Regasification Equipment Solution to the customers location connecting and supplying the facility within thirty-six (36) hours of receiving initial notification.

Emergency Natural Gas Supply 960x447

Region: Northwest

Volume Demand:
- 5 MMBTU/Hr. (60 MCFH)
- 60 PSI at the Inlet

Emergency LNG Equipment Setup:
- LNG Storage: 22,000 LNG Gallons
- Mobile Vaporization/Regasification System
- Flame & Gas Detection System
- Telemetry – Tank Level Monitoring System

CLEANCOR LNG conducted a site inspection within twelve (12) hours of receiving initial notice to determine the best location for the equipment as well as verified the connection points and required pressure at the inlet. During the site inspection the CLEANCOR Technical Team identified two (2) primary injection points that were required to keep all equipment operating from one (1) CLEANCOR Equipment Package. Additional work was completed by CLEANCOR to isolate the remaining pipeline which eliminated any potential back feed into the pipeline which was undergoing emergency maintenance. This project continued for fourteen (14) days until utility service was restored to the facility and ultimately saved the customer approximately one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per day in production.