Creating choice in energy supply


No one wants to feel like there’s no alternative.

It’s not always easy to see how you can do things differently, but for many industrial, agricultural, over-the-road, marine and rail applications there is an alternative to conventional fuels.

For example, liquified or compressed natural gas is not only widely available but is cleaner and often makes surprisingly good economic sense, particularly when compared to diesel in many vehicle, manufacturing and power applications. Its portability also means that LNG and CNG fueling infrastructure and supply chains can be deployed quickly, more or less anywhere, to provide fuel when you need it.

Viable Clean Alternatives

We design and deliver solutions for fueling, trucking and municipal fleets to provide cleaner fuel to manufacturing and agricultural operations out of the reach of pipelines, and to efficiently and reliably power industrial operations.

We’ve built up an enviable problem-solving record — designing practical, economic and environmentally friendly approaches to providing energy — giving people more choice.

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Operational Continuity

Our ability to quickly mobilize our trailer-mounted fleet of LNG transportation, storage and regasification equipment has you covered when faced with unplanned interruptions to pipeline natural gas supply. This was no exception for our industrial cement manufacturing customer whose production was going to be greatly affected by emergency work on their existing natural gas pipeline.

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Our Leadership

CLEANCOR’s leadership team brings unique and longstanding experience in clean power and energy across a variety of sectors. We're ready to meet your challenges.

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CLEANCOR is one of a group of companies owned by SEACOR Holdings Inc. (“SEACOR”).